Friday, December 8, 2006

iPod Earbud Challenges

Like many of you, I am an iPod devotee. I got one about two years and use it almost every day. Great little invention. The only complaint that I have about it is that the earbuds that came with it will not stay in my ears when I run. Since the different models of earbuds that are made by companies other than Apple are not very expensive, I’ve tried a couple of other models – specifically, one set that has a wrap-around piece of plastic that goes behind the head and another set where the earbuds “clip onto” or “hang onto” the outer part of the ear. The clip-on set is the only one that will stay put when I run. However, the problem with the design of the clip-on set is that the earbuds don’t really rest in the ear, but instead sort of hang a few millimeters from the ear canal. I have to jack the sound of the iPod to almost full blast in order to drown out the ambient sound. Has anyone found a better solution to use while running?

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Anne said...

I had the same problem and this Christmas received Phillips earplugs that actually have an ear canal-conforming mold to help secure them. They're white, so they match most people's iPods if you are so color-coordinatedly inclined. Sound qualities great too. Good luck with the search.

Great blog, by the way. Glad I found it.