Thursday, January 4, 2007

Merging Training Plans

I've always liked to take various training plans that I find in books, magazines and on-line and put them into my own template (usually in Excel) and then sort of customize them to my own needs. Yesterday I started the work of merging two very different plans into a single one.
I've never run the Boston Marathon before and, frankly was never that interested in doing so. However, some of my training buddies insisted that running Boston is something everyone must do at least once (along with the NYC marathon), so I decided to sign up for it this spring. The specific date this year is April 16th. I'm also committed to doing the New Jersey Devilman Half with a friend three weeks later, on May 6th.
What I started doing yesterday was merging the Half training plan from the latest issue of Triathlete (which looks pretty good despite the disparaging comment I made about it in my last post) with my own ramp-up schedule for Boston. What I'll probably end up doing is substituting my own weekly marathon long-run schedule in place of the weekly endurance run prescribed by the Triathlete plan. As I sit looking at this, it sure seems like a lot of work to be doing this early in the year!!


Don said...

Would you mind posting your "merged" training plan when you have it completed? I think that it would be interesting to compare it to my own training plan. Especially since we are about the same age and have similar race goals.

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